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MS Domain News / Homepage Update
« Last post by Moonraid on February 14, 2016, 09:45:40 AM »
Well again I take forever to post anything here but I have been busy with work to update as frequent as I would like. I was able to update the homepage with a different layout so I hope you like it. I've been learning some new stuff for HTML 5 and I recently got a PHP/SQL book to learn more on that. I've also been working on some other projects that I'm keeping secret for the time being.

Along with the new layout I've added a page for my twitch stream. The link will take you to a page I made that shows the stream and this sites chatroom on the same page. When I have the live chat on in the stream it's from this sites chat. At the moment the Twitch chat isn't linked to the live stream at this time. It's not that I just have more time invested on the sites chat over the twitch one. I would like to add it in the future update but I will also be in the twitch chat too so I will see what you all say while I stream.

Ok that's it for now... thanks everyone and enjoy!
MS Domain News / Site updates (yea.. late again -.-)
« Last post by Moonraid on May 22, 2015, 07:20:28 AM »
Ok well if you are followin my tweets I've been atempting todo a Twitch stream... yea i hope to do a test stream today so watch for tuat. Also i hope to move over to a new front page layout after the holliday so if you see a change now you know why. I will post a full change log once it's updated.

Oh and for those that have visited the chatroom and i havent responed... I'm not ignoring you when you say hi. I might be eather afk or sleeping. When my client reconnects it resets my nick to default but i do read all msgs there.

Thanks for visiting the site and see ya in the chatroom or the forums.
MS Domain News / Happy New Year (Better late than never eh)
« Last post by Moonraid on January 04, 2015, 05:25:47 PM »
Hello everyone to the new year.. it's 2015 and also the year of the Sheep in the Japanese zodiac. This year I hope to do more to get this site a bit more refined to look more like a proper site. I have been working in the background (well mostly on a local server at my house) some updates I would like to add to the site. The only issue will be talking them from my server (like I said its here at my house) and getting it to work with my webhosts configurations if needed. I have also been working on updating the front page to the site as-well while adding some new things to it.

Last year I had a lot of stuff that went on that kept me from doing more than I wanted. I wanted to work more on this site and get more stuff done and do daily updates. This year I want to get that same stuff done and get more things added. Some goals for this year include (but not limited to):
  • New front page
  • Setup for streaming (Twitch Streaming)
  • Reviews (Mostly game reviews.. might do hardware later in the year
  • ..and more!

I'm also have in the works for me to build a new computer so I can play more of the games that I will be streaming at a higher quality and any recordings. This computer will be my 2nd one I've build but the 3rd I've owned. This one that I've been using was a gift and it got me back into the PC gaming since all I had was a WinXP (still do actually.. good for those retro games) rig and couldn't play a lot of the modern games at the time.

The rig im on now is running Win7 Pro and the new rig will also run the same OS unless the new Win10 that launches sometime this year actually dose what a desktop OS is supposed to-do. If anyone wants to rant how Win 8 and 8.1 had no issues and that win 10 is a step backwards can just go get a tablet. Sorry I like a normal desktop and windows setup and they "Metro" UI would have set off my OCD for a icon free and clean desktop with its tile system. I will probly never own a touch screen monitor for my desktop so that nullifies that portion. I'm a gamer and a keyboard/mouse combo will never go away... even though controllers are starting to creep in.

OK... I'm stopping there before this becomes a full on rant on that subject but I do hope to have the new PC built by the summer. I will be posting its progress and part choices once I start building the thing. I have a list already of parts I want to use and I have already bought the case now I'm working on getting the innards all worked out. Keep an eye out on that over the next few months.

Anyway I've yapped enough as it is so I will leave it here. Lets enjoy the 2015 year and prep for 2016... hey its never too early to plan for next year.. right? :P
Destiny / Offical Destiny Clan: The Undead Warrior
« Last post by Moonraid on August 09, 2014, 02:12:09 PM »
Name: The Undead Warrior
Tag: TUW
Clan Admin: Moonraid
Platform: Playstation 3
Recruiting: Yes
Requirements: A microphone (For Group Chat) and a mature attitude.
Official listing at

The clans goal isn't endgame anything. It's just a place for anyone who wants to hangout with people and just do random stuff. This can be from Mission help to Exploration farming but we don't accept those that demand anything.

I will be using a clan viewable only board here to post updates on clan events or whatever that pertains to the clan itself. Follow the group on Bungies site and then post your application here so we can match and verify information.

(Copy this and replace the italic parts)

Bungie Name: The Name that appears in the group list on Bungies site
Primary Class: What class will you be playing the most of
Reason for joining: Did someone Invite you? How did you learn about the clan? Thought it looked like a bunch of cool guys to hang out with? Put your reasons here.

Please reply to this post and wait for your application to be accepted. I will IM your here and on the Bungies site when its accepted.

MS Domain News / More Updates
« Last post by Moonraid on August 09, 2014, 01:59:36 PM »
Ok well at least this update isn't as far apart as the last one but still. I'm going to try and post an Update here once a month to show more activity. I hangout in the chatroom so you can talk with me there. Well I live in the chatroom since I don't leave the room except when my net goes all stupid and drops the connection.

Other updates to add is that work started back up for me so I will have paychecks again! This also changes when I'm available for stuff so instead of being online any time I will be limited. My Current times are listed here (opens a new window) so please refer to the post on more details.

In the gaming news department I did get a chance to play the Destiny (Open) Beta on the PS3 and it was awesome. I did create a group/clan so if your interested please see the related post in our "Game Lair" section of the board.  I also have a slew of games I can't wait to play in the coming months. I might start posting reviews of games I play so keep a eye out for those as well.

Well that's just a stripped down version of the updates in the past month or so but like I said before I hope to post more and at least post a update each month.

Till next time.. Enjoy!
Destiny / Welcome to the Destiny section of the fourm. (Read First)
« Last post by Moonraid on August 09, 2014, 01:56:11 PM »
This section is dedicated to Bungies game "Destiny" that launces on 9/9/2014. This game is available on the Xbox (360/One) and the Playstation (3/4) platforms.

Please keep anything that details about the game in this section of the forums. Any topic that doesn't belong here will be moved or deleted (if it break forums rules) from this section.
Arduino / Usefull links
« Last post by Moonraid on June 26, 2014, 12:25:18 AM »
Here is a collection of links that may prove useful while you work using the Arduino development platform. All links are to valid and safe sites. If you get a error from your virus scanning or ad blocking programs saying some malicious is going on then please check your computer for viruses.

Official page:

Design Community: Element14 -

More links to come.. keep an eye out!
Hobby Corrner / Welcome to the Hobby Bench
« Last post by Moonraid on June 26, 2014, 12:18:49 AM »
This section is dedicated to those who are interested in creating some cool electronics for whatever reason. Please use this section if you wish to contribute to the cause and show off your work!

Just a word of wisdom before you venture. All or any code/projects are the responsibility of the poster. This site and it's owner (me) are not liable for any issues or damages caused by any code posted here. Please report any malicious code you find so it can be dealt with ASAP. Once you post something here you agree to taking full ownership and responsibility of the content in your post made in this section.

Please note that all code here must be open-source in nature. Do not post full code of a project (either as code or a link to code) unless it meant to be used as a open-source resource.

MS Domain News / Updates (Way overdue!)
« Last post by Moonraid on June 25, 2014, 11:39:43 PM »
Ok first things first... I'm not dead yet! Well on the net anyway. :P

Right... So to catch everyone up on what's happened to keep me from updating here for so long. As most people know from my ACNL blog I was having some internet issues that was keeping me from doing alot online. I replaced everything in my house dealing with my network.. switches, cables, heck even the router. That did improve my connections but I still was having issues with a constant connection. Turned out it was just my modem because my ISP updated to the DOCIS 3.0 architecture and my old one was only 2.0 so that fixed the problem.

During this time I was having internet issues I was also very busy w/ work. I've been soo tired when I got home I didn't even mess with anything online and kinda just stopped updating here. Most of ya know I work at a school so I'm off for the summer so I have time to post and update crap around here. I've also started a new project/hobby to help kill time over the summer and to hopefully become a source of income. Since the school is closed over the summer I don't have any $$$ coming in so I have to find ways to get extra cash.

The project/hobby that I'm working on is Electrical Engineering using the Arduino development platform. I've ben watching this series called 'The Ben Heck Show" on Revision3 before watching it on YouTube. I did tinker with electronics when I was a kid (built my own land-line phone and learned using the Old RadioShack 101-in-1 Electrical Kits) so I had somewhat of a understanding of the field. Well while I was watching the series for awhile I decided to get back into this stuff but it has drastically changed from what I used to do! It's a new challenge and since It's something I'm enjoying I'm going to created a board here for those interested about it.

If you've been following my Twitter feed on the front page you may have noticed I've ben active there. Mostly retweeting stuff since E3 this year and a few contests I'm tryin for. I've also started my own Twitch channel and once I get a upgrade made (just increasing my bandwidth cap w/ my ISP) there I might start doing some live streams. I made the account mainly so I can follow a few people and participate in the chat but after being shown how to use some software to stream (back in December-ish) I may just start doing them. I've been working on getting the layouts and whatever to get it looking right. Also if I'm on the fence if I want to make any money off of it... to be honest I have a hard time asking people for money plus its a lot of work to set that up. Yes I know of paypal and I use it all the time to make payments... I'm just too lazy to mess withit and I dun wanna deal with the tax crap just yet. :P

Ok this is enough for this around.. I hope to again to update more often and when the new school year starts up then it may or may-not grind to a halt or just slow down.

Enjoy the summer for those on it and See ya laterz!

PS: I still sit in the chat room so please visit. If you don't get a response I'm either busy or away but I do read all the messages put in the chat. You can always post them here as well to get a response if you're not in the room.
AC New Leaf / Town is gone!
« Last post by Moonraid on June 25, 2014, 10:44:27 PM »
I regret to say this but my second town that the blog was being written for is now gone. I may use this blog for AC updates and if more people get interested. I'm locking all other threads and updated the info post.

I wasn't satisfied with the residents that were there and the layout was kinda driving me nuts. I'm remaking the town and I'll update to show the new dream code once it's that far.
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