Author Topic: Updates (Way overdue!)  (Read 3478 times)

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Updates (Way overdue!)
« on: June 25, 2014, 11:39:43 PM »
Ok first things first... I'm not dead yet! Well on the net anyway. :P

Right... So to catch everyone up on what's happened to keep me from updating here for so long. As most people know from my ACNL blog I was having some internet issues that was keeping me from doing alot online. I replaced everything in my house dealing with my network.. switches, cables, heck even the router. That did improve my connections but I still was having issues with a constant connection. Turned out it was just my modem because my ISP updated to the DOCIS 3.0 architecture and my old one was only 2.0 so that fixed the problem.

During this time I was having internet issues I was also very busy w/ work. I've been soo tired when I got home I didn't even mess with anything online and kinda just stopped updating here. Most of ya know I work at a school so I'm off for the summer so I have time to post and update crap around here. I've also started a new project/hobby to help kill time over the summer and to hopefully become a source of income. Since the school is closed over the summer I don't have any $$$ coming in so I have to find ways to get extra cash.

The project/hobby that I'm working on is Electrical Engineering using the Arduino development platform. I've ben watching this series called 'The Ben Heck Show" on Revision3 before watching it on YouTube. I did tinker with electronics when I was a kid (built my own land-line phone and learned using the Old RadioShack 101-in-1 Electrical Kits) so I had somewhat of a understanding of the field. Well while I was watching the series for awhile I decided to get back into this stuff but it has drastically changed from what I used to do! It's a new challenge and since It's something I'm enjoying I'm going to created a board here for those interested about it.

If you've been following my Twitter feed on the front page you may have noticed I've ben active there. Mostly retweeting stuff since E3 this year and a few contests I'm tryin for. I've also started my own Twitch channel and once I get a upgrade made (just increasing my bandwidth cap w/ my ISP) there I might start doing some live streams. I made the account mainly so I can follow a few people and participate in the chat but after being shown how to use some software to stream (back in December-ish) I may just start doing them. I've been working on getting the layouts and whatever to get it looking right. Also if I'm on the fence if I want to make any money off of it... to be honest I have a hard time asking people for money plus its a lot of work to set that up. Yes I know of paypal and I use it all the time to make payments... I'm just too lazy to mess withit and I dun wanna deal with the tax crap just yet. :P

Ok this is enough for this around.. I hope to again to update more often and when the new school year starts up then it may or may-not grind to a halt or just slow down.

Enjoy the summer for those on it and See ya laterz!

PS: I still sit in the chat room so please visit. If you don't get a response I'm either busy or away but I do read all the messages put in the chat. You can always post them here as well to get a response if you're not in the room.