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More Updates
« on: August 09, 2014, 01:59:36 PM »
Ok well at least this update isn't as far apart as the last one but still. I'm going to try and post an Update here once a month to show more activity. I hangout in the chatroom so you can talk with me there. Well I live in the chatroom since I don't leave the room except when my net goes all stupid and drops the connection.

Other updates to add is that work started back up for me so I will have paychecks again! This also changes when I'm available for stuff so instead of being online any time I will be limited. My Current times are listed here (opens a new window) so please refer to the post on more details.

In the gaming news department I did get a chance to play the Destiny (Open) Beta on the PS3 and it was awesome. I did create a group/clan so if your interested please see the related post in our "Game Lair" section of the board.  I also have a slew of games I can't wait to play in the coming months. I might start posting reviews of games I play so keep a eye out for those as well.

Well that's just a stripped down version of the updates in the past month or so but like I said before I hope to post more and at least post a update each month.

Till next time.. Enjoy!