Author Topic: Happy New Year (Better late than never eh)  (Read 3464 times)

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Happy New Year (Better late than never eh)
« on: January 04, 2015, 05:25:47 PM »
Hello everyone to the new year.. it's 2015 and also the year of the Sheep in the Japanese zodiac. This year I hope to do more to get this site a bit more refined to look more like a proper site. I have been working in the background (well mostly on a local server at my house) some updates I would like to add to the site. The only issue will be talking them from my server (like I said its here at my house) and getting it to work with my webhosts configurations if needed. I have also been working on updating the front page to the site as-well while adding some new things to it.

Last year I had a lot of stuff that went on that kept me from doing more than I wanted. I wanted to work more on this site and get more stuff done and do daily updates. This year I want to get that same stuff done and get more things added. Some goals for this year include (but not limited to):
  • New front page
  • Setup for streaming (Twitch Streaming)
  • Reviews (Mostly game reviews.. might do hardware later in the year
  • ..and more!

I'm also have in the works for me to build a new computer so I can play more of the games that I will be streaming at a higher quality and any recordings. This computer will be my 2nd one I've build but the 3rd I've owned. This one that I've been using was a gift and it got me back into the PC gaming since all I had was a WinXP (still do actually.. good for those retro games) rig and couldn't play a lot of the modern games at the time.

The rig im on now is running Win7 Pro and the new rig will also run the same OS unless the new Win10 that launches sometime this year actually dose what a desktop OS is supposed to-do. If anyone wants to rant how Win 8 and 8.1 had no issues and that win 10 is a step backwards can just go get a tablet. Sorry I like a normal desktop and windows setup and they "Metro" UI would have set off my OCD for a icon free and clean desktop with its tile system. I will probly never own a touch screen monitor for my desktop so that nullifies that portion. I'm a gamer and a keyboard/mouse combo will never go away... even though controllers are starting to creep in.

OK... I'm stopping there before this becomes a full on rant on that subject but I do hope to have the new PC built by the summer. I will be posting its progress and part choices once I start building the thing. I have a list already of parts I want to use and I have already bought the case now I'm working on getting the innards all worked out. Keep an eye out on that over the next few months.

Anyway I've yapped enough as it is so I will leave it here. Lets enjoy the 2015 year and prep for 2016... hey its never too early to plan for next year.. right? :P
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